Skanör Foiling Bonanza

Skanörs Båtklubb and Sundsgymnasiet invite all iQFOiL and Waszp sailors to this foiling event in Skanör!

Skanör is a beautiful sailing spot in the very south of Sweden and offers great sailing and racing conditions just outside of the harbor.
Racing days are Saturday and Sunday but we welcome you to join the bonanza already on Friday for registration, hangout and free barbecue for competitors as well as an opportunity to try out wingfoil, Waszp, SUP and other water activities.

After each day of iQFOiL and Waszp racing we will arrange a fun race in Wingfoil. Bring your own wing and board! We have a few wing packages that you can borrow for this race.

Next to the racing area there’s hiking trails, restaurants and beaches. So bring your family and join the Foiling Bonanza in Skanör!

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Skanörs Båtklubb

Klubbhuset skanörs hamn


Jennie Frank Bergman


Anmälan är inte öppen

Röd kunskapsnivå


  • IQFoil senior-herr
    IQFoil, Bankappsegling, Herr,
  • IQFoil senior-dam
    IQFoil, Bankappsegling, Dam,
  • IQFoil U-19 (kval Ungdoms-VM)
    IQFoil, Bankappsegling, Junior öppen,
  • Waszp
    Waszp, Bankappsegling, Öppen, Klassmästerskap
  • Wingfoil
    Annan, Bankappsegling, Öppen,


Sista anmälningsdag
den 31 maj, 23:00
Sista efteranmälningsdag
den 5 juni, 23:00


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