If the organizer have chosen the settings for the entry in certain ways you can edit or complete a valid entry in Sailarena. A summary of all your entries are also availible in your list "My registrations". As skipper you should also invite your crew members through Sailarena.

As skipper you should invite your crew members through Sailarena. Due to the requirements of the GDPR you are not allowed to fill in personal information for another person. The crew must  him-/herself approve that his/her data is recorded and handled in the system.


When there is a valid entry in a regatta the skipper shall invite the crew in this manner:

1. At www.sailarena.com, log in to your account
2. Click on the menu that has your symbol at the top right and select "My Registrations"


or similar option in the right side meny: 

3. To the right of the registration of the rgatta in question there is a menu button (with three dots), click and select Edit

4. When the form for completing the entry appears fill in the missing information
5. To invite crew members, click "Add crew" and enter the email address of the crew member. Don't worry whether you know what e-mail address the crew is using for her Sailarena account. 

6. Remember to end your completion by clicking "Save". 

When viewing "My registrations" the status of the entry is displayed. When all mandatory information has been filled in and any crew has accepted and filled in their information, a green "check mark” is displayed. The skipper can add and remove crew members and also send reminders. Registration can be updated and supplemented until the organizer closes this function. In some regattas you are asked to assign the number of crew onboard. In those cases you need to have that number of crew invited and accepted to be allowed to start.


For crew members receiving a crew invitation:

1. Click on the link in the invitation to get to Sailarena
2. Log in with your account in Sailarena. If you do not have an account, you can quickly and easily register one. You log in to your account with the e-mail you have registred i Sailarena, no matter which e-mail address is used for your invitation.
3. Complete the registration with the requested information and accept the handling of personal information within Sailarena and by the organizer. 
4. Just like the skipper, each crew member can view their entries within "My registrations" in Sailarena

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