GKSS OCR 2024 - 29er Eurocup, Elite-series Europe Class, Swedish GP for ILCA , SC 49er/49erFXitse-series E-jolle

We are welcoming all Swedish and Nordic dinghy sailors to our annual 2-days regatta. The GKSS Olympic Class Regatta is a meeting point for all active sailors, from the young newcomers to the experienced national team sailors. The following classes are invited; 29er, 49er, 49erFX, ILCA 7, ILCA 6, ILCA 4, Europe Class, IQFoil and Windfoil. The regatta is a Eurocup for 29ers, Swedish GP for ILCAs, Swedish Elite-series for Europe Class and Swedish championship for 49er and 49erFX.

Registration module and NOR for each class is found in the right column on the page. The regatta-information document contains practical information regarding the location and how to proceed upon arrival.

This web-page is the official notice board for the regatta. Information will be updated continuoulsy.

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Gothenburg Royal Yacht Club

GKSS Långedrag


Responsible for the event
Karin Koritz


Registration is not open

Red level

Competition events/Classes

  • Ilca 4
    ILCA 4, Course Racing, Open,
  • Ilca 6
    ILCA 6, Course Racing, Open,
  • Ilca 7
    ILCA 7, Course Racing, Open,
  • 29er EuroCup
    29er, Course Racing, Open,
  • 49er
    49er, Course Racing, Open, Swedish Championship
  • 49er FX
    49er FX, Course Racing, Open, Swedish Championship
  • E-jolle Elitserie 4
    Europe, Course Racing, Open,
  • Windfoil
    Windfoil, Course Racing, Open,
  • iQFoil Dam
    IQFoil, Course Racing, Women,
  • iQFoil Herr
    IQFoil, Course Racing, Men,
  • iQFoil U19
    IQFoil, Course Racing, Junior Open,


Last application date
April 26
Last late application date
May 4, 20:00


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